Vision for the graveyard

A local amenity

The vision is to transform the graveyard into a land-mark where the local community and visitors alike can enjoy the tranquility of a urban meadow. The site will be enhanced by the introduction of appropriate local flora and fauna which will not only significantly improve bio-diversity but also provide an opportunity for ecological education.

Preserving local history

Coal mines, copper smelters, tin plate works, steel-mills and the port made Swansea what is it today, and most of our ancestors who lived in Swansea during the past 150 years worked in one or several of these industries. They grafted, raised families, watched their children die young, worked in conditions that today would be unthinkable, and died or were killed on the job. They have earned our respect many times over during many decades and we need to be prepared to respect their final resting place.

A source of family history information

We are currently preparing a detailed map of the graveyard to allow relatives to locate the graves of their ancestors. This is will take some time given the number graves, and unfortunately identifying some of the graves will not be possible due to their condition.

What to expect and what not to expect


  • An urban haven where local flora and fauna can thrive.
  • Safe and unobstructed access to all graves in the graveyard.
  • Control of non-native invasive plants.

Don't expect

  • Maintenance of graves or monuments.
  • Manicured lawns.

No development

There are over a thousand of our ancestors buried in the graveyard and as a result redevelopment of this land is not economically viable. Anyone thinking about developing the graveyard has three intractable problems

  • the costs will not allow a reasonable return, at least not for affordable housing.
  • planning consent is almost impossible - as the previous owner discovered.
  • ...and most importantly, the current owners are neither interesting in re-developer or selling for development!