Making Progress

There has been tremendous activity over the past  2 years focussed on clearing Japanese Knotweed & other invasive species, collecting rubbish that has been dumped at the site by fly-tipping, repairing the Carmarthen Road retaining wall, and generally tidying up the graveyard.

Herbicide treatment should only be carried out by trained professionals and we are fortunate to have a couple of the best working with us - Jo Mullett and Neil Matthews (pictured in their personal protection equipment below)

Repairing the retaining wall has been an important task carried out by our stone-mason Colin.

All other work has been carried out by volunteers and we would not have made the progress we have without their support and commitment. Sincere thanks to everyone who has participated to date.

There is still much to do and we are looking for more volunteers. Individuals, youth groups, community groups...all are welcome