Grave records


Anyone who has seen the graveyard recently will know that the above photo does not reflect its current status. This photo dates from circa 2006 and was provided by Peter Thomas who was involved in the last attempt to preserve the site. 

We have multiple sets of records of those buried in the graveyard, with the first being compiled by the Glamorgan Family History Society in 1990,  the second produced by the previous owner around 10 years ago, and the third being the Babell Chapel burial register. Of the three records the burial register is the most authoritative as records were added as burials were carried out, but unfortunately it only shows grave numbers and not specific grave locations.

Over the past few months we have compiled an index which correlates all records and the grave map to allow the location of graves to be identified. The map below shows the location of known graves at the site, but it is important bear in mind that this does not include any concealed or un-marked graves.


The grave index, map and burial register can be downloaded below. 

Let us know if you see any errors.

Grave map

When looking at the records bear in mind

  • There are many unmarked graves not shown on the map or included in the Glamorgan Family History Society records.
  • The numbering system in the burial register has logic behind it, so for example, grave 1 is next to grave 2, but you may not know in which direction to look.
  • The burial register is the most complete record and in the event of conflict information in the different record sets, the grave register should be believed.
  • When you see information highlighted in red in the index beware as there is concern over its accuracy.
  • Some names are included on grave monument inscriptions even though the named person is not buried in the grave.
  • Records with brown font in the index points to an unmarked or an unidentified grave.
  • Clearly the grave map is incomplete but please do not start digging around looking for unmarked graves.

Index and grave map

Site Map (jpeg)


Grave Index (xlsx)


Babell Chapel burial register

Due to the size of the burial register it has been split into sections that are sequenced by grave number.

Copyright material

The original Babell Chapel burial register is held at the West Glamoral Archive in Swansea and if you choose to download the scanned images by clicking a link below you are acknowledging the copyright of this document by West Glamorgan Archive Service.