Grave Map and Catalogue

We have two sets of records of those buried in the graveyard, with the first being compiled by the Glamorgan Family History Society in 1990 and the second produced by the previous owner around 10 years ago. Neither of these records is complete and on occasions the information in one record does not match that in the other.

The map to the right shows the location of known graves at the site, but it is important bear in mind that this does not include any concealed or un-marked graves.

We will soon finish reconciling the two sets of records and linking each grave to its location on the grave map. Once this is completed it will be fairly straightforward to locate the graves of most (>95%) of the dead interred at the Babell Chapel Graveyard.

The map and catalogue can be downloaded below. Let us know if you see any errors.


gravemap website v5 (tiff)


babell list v2 (xls)


Babell Chapel Graveyard, circa 2006.

Photo credit: Peter Thomas.