Community Volunteers

The weekend started with a community meeting at the Gorst Mission where the history of the site and plans for the future were discussed. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. King from the mission for hosting the meeting.

The Gorst Mission was founded in 1904 by members of the Babell Chapel to provide a venue for poorer members of the community, many of whom were migrants from outside Swansea, to worship.

Community Volunteer Day

Repair work to Carmarthen Road wall

The contractor who will repair the wall was at the site on Saturday to agree a plan of works. This will involve:

  • Clearing vegetation from the surface of the wall - this work started on Saturday.
  • Re-pointing masonry.
  • Digging out the Japanese knotweed rhizomes adjacent to the wall that are growing through it.
  • Removing sections of the wall's coping stones.
  • Repositioning the coping stones and any other displaced stones.

Once work to the wall is complete a fence will be installed along its top.

Clearing rubbish

A skip-load of rubbish that had been fly tipped at the graveyard was removed, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. People continue to dump refuse at the graveyard even though it is obvious that work is underway to clean it up - this needs to stop!

Amongst the items found were numerous syringes - some loose and others wrapped neatly (see first picture in gallery below). Most of these were found near the Middle Road entrance, and people should be extremely careful when walking in this area, particularly when walking dogs.

Vegetation clearance

Clearing the knotweed and bramble continued and the site should be ready for herbicide treatment come the late summer. There is ominous site of new growth in many areas and this will continue over the coming months until the summer when once again the graveyard will be overgrown.